I live in the city that never sleeps

Well… at least for tonight.

UNL pulled out the big guns and hosted Big Sean this evening as a part of greek week. He might be remembered for his inspiring lyrics… "ass. ass. ass. ass" and "ain't nobody fresher than my clique" in my heart his performance will always be remembered as "that night I tried to forget about all the work I still needed to do and this sub par rapper would have to do the trick" and it did. It was a genuinely enjoyable distraction until the stage lights were eclipsed by some 7 foot gargantuan man. To which I responded with pushing past him (he had clearly not seen all of the impressive 5 foot 2 that I am) and dived deeper and deeper into the mass of conservative Nebraskans pulling out their most scandalous dance moves just for Big Sean (he should feel honored). Which by the way 95% of us pretended to know the chorus for .5 seconds and then mumbled under our breaths for the duration of the song and the other 5% (of which I am a member) have been listening to his music on repeat for the past 48 hours in a desperate attempt to look "swaggin'" at the concert this evening. (Props to the people who know his music, I tip my hat to you)

I braved the event with my camera at hand and weaved through crowds to the front. I didn't get any images that I am particularly proud of, but the experience was surely a night to remember, UNL likes to play hard to get, and you never know what musician they will select to grace our campus. I'm looking forward to what they come up with for the next concert, my vote is on anything that includes a jazz flute.

Big Sean

Heres to you Lincoln, you take the cake for one night. For the people leaning out of their cars driving down greek row just to holla at passer-bys, for the individuals causing a ruckus at Arby's, for those dedicated fans of Big Sean, for UNL for trying something new, for the parents who brought their kids to the concert in the stroller, this post is for you. The city that never sleeps, at least for tonight.

And for myself. Because here comes another all nighter...

xo, kelly