10 things I experienced after not sleeping for 27 hours

So basically I pulled an all nighter.


1. I discovered that my roommates are THE best.

2. I am definitely more creative when I'm exhausted. My graphic design homework didn't stand a chance to all the great ideas I had at 4 oh clock this morning

3. Living in a sorority house elicits things like this to happen at 1 in the morning: #FTK

Here is the original post where we were challenged: 



4. I almost fell over in Starbucks because the room was spinning and all the business people getting their fancy coffee looked at me like I should be institutionalized #imnotcrazy

5. I fell asleep in the shower

6. I forgot what I was staying up so late for and ended up in the maze of twitter. And yes, cats in sombreros are even better when you're hopped up on caffeine, and dreams of finishing your homework

7. I learned how appreciative I am for my sorority sisters

8. I mourned the loss of my sleep. Literally. Just don't cry in public. jk. but really.

9. I fell sleep in class. My professor didn't appreciate that. #snoring

10. There is no better feeling than crawling into bed after going to class, getting Starbucks and presenting the fruit of your all night meticulous labor


And now, I am typing this from the warm cocoon of my jersey sheets and memory foam pillow. Wake me up when summer begins :)


xo, kelly


ps. my business cards came yesterday!! Oh the excitement. Now i just have to find 500 people to give them to….