the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Its rare to find a place like this.

A place that fills you with hope and challenges who you are.

I have been attending Covenant Cedars Bible Camp since I was in the second grade. The natural progression from camper, to volunteer to employee was effortless. I've been so lucky to have this place-- these people, as a part of my life and my journey.

Kindness seeps from every corner of the grounds.

Fortunately- every adventure has a destination, every book has a back cover, and every assignment has a due date. 

When I left for college in August, goodbyes were bitter sweet. 

This place had been my home for so many summers. Nothing could replace the wood shop that with a little fairy dust had become a home. Every memory from my first counseling experience, to my first year at camp, my first friend, and where I wrote "Covenant Cedars" in nail polish on a bunk in 2002. Nothing, and everything was always changing. The records of time carefully remembered. 

Much like Narnia.

I stumbled upon it, without looking for a place that would become the edge pieces of my life's puzzle. Crucial. In Prince Caspian, the Peter and Susan are not needed to return. They have a final journey, a final adventure and a final lesson.

And I think that is what this last summer was for me. My final summer at camp. Twelve of my twenty years have been spent surrounded by this nurturing place, and it may have finally prepared me to spend a summer without it. It is time for someone else to take my place, and learn the lessons I have learned.

I am locking the door, but keeping the key. 

Of course I say this now, (watch in a few months I'll change my mind) but I hope to spend the next summer either doing photojournalism, going on a trip, studying abroad or whatever other adventure that may be thrown my way.

So here's to trying new things, and getting uncomfortable.

and here's to leaving Narnia.

 Me circa 2008 as a camper.

Me circa 2008 as a camper.