Thoughts about 2015.

A lot happened this year.

And I'm not going to lie, it's odd for me to see a year condensed down into one blog post, with mixed photos that I had taken for others and for myself. For some reason, I had separated my personal life and my professional life, not understanding the direct correlation between growth in myself and growth in photography. A lot of the photos are anything but perfect. Technical flaws, too many selfies, some just slightly out of focus, some perfectly sharp. Old friends, new friends. But I believe that's what I'm going for. To photograph more of life, and less of "should have beens".

This year I: traveled to Seattle, Denver and Minnesota, took part in a project promoting sexual abuse awareness, returned to the camp I love so much, cried as my sister was baptized, and my mother recommitted her life to Christ. I pretty much stumbled my way through two more semesters of college, entered the first year of my senior year, and still don't know what I'm doing. Welcomed a whole new pledge class into Phi Mu, celebrated with my friends as they each turned 21, and ate way too much cotton candy. I realized how many incredible people are willing to share life with me on my golden 22nd birthday, attended my first tailgate and purchased a new lens (35mm!). My childhood friends and I hiked the lumpy ridge trail, in a true test of friendship and civility, and sang in the car way too loud. I watched my peers get engaged and attend weddings, some of which I was even lucky enough to photograph. I watched my best friends little puppy, Teddy, turn from just an adorable ball of fluff to a handsome boy, that none of us can pick up anymore. I moved not once or twice, but four times in a year, but landed in a beautiful, spacious home that I share with 5 individually beautiful women. 

Overall, I would say it's an incredible year for the books. I had the privilege of photographing a lot of life, and experiencing so many moments with so many different people that I would never be able to meet had I not been a photographer.

So, my year's collection of moments isn't flawless, but I'm no longer using perfection as a measuring stick. My work would never be enough to fill an ideal "perfection", and I would never be content.

So here's to 2016, may it be just as overflowing with goodness as 2015.